Dynamic Converter, Multi-Currency e-Commerce Solution


Sponsored Post: Multi-Currency support in e-Commerce websites is very important for those looking to target international sales, and many customers during their shopping used to check external currency converters to know the price displayed in their own currency (I personally use Google). Dynamic Converter provides you the solution so your visitors can have all prices in their own currency without leaving your website. I find the solution very interesting especially that it provide supports to all shopping carts and have a very easy integration via a simple JavaScript that you’ll include in your website.
Dynamic Converter is available in three packages Free Pro for those who want to get started and test the service, the free package allows you up to 10,000 requests/month. The Gold and Enterprise edition are more business oriented with the possibility to have Tax calculations, Automatic currency detection, Local JS file, and Currency pop-up branding. Pricing goes from $13 per month for Gold to $39 for Enterprise.

I liked the way to integrate Dynamic Converter in your e-Commerce website, after login to the website the console allow you to configure easily your settings: Your sites domains, Currency options, Currency format, Dropdown format, Currency selection box, and Filesize optimization.
DynamicConverter Console.png
Best of all, you can play with the look and feel of Dynamic Converter in your website and use it as could best fit with your interface design. This is important for e-commerce website to keep the interface convivial and easy to use for their customers. Users for example can simply click on the current price to show the currency converter menu and choose their currency, or you can use icons, links, dropdown menu … etc, and you can even use it inside dropdown menus like the case of the computer hardware configurator.
I think that Dynamic Converter will not only provide a new shopping experience for your customers, but will also give more trust to the international ones. Many customers feel more comfortable with websites showing prices in their own currency. For accuracy of information, all currencies are retrieved from OzForex on a daily basis, and I find it really fast for a JavaScript based service. Enterprise edition can have the JS hosted on their own server which will make it an integrated solution with your own shop.
You can get started with the free Pro edition, then you can switch later to the package that fits better with your store.
For more information : Dynamic Converter